Why won't my dog play with puppy

I have a three year old female chihuahua and we have brought home an 8 week old beagle puppy, my chihuahua will not play with the puppy at all and she barks and growls when he tries to play, I know she is warning him to stay away but the growling and barking is getting me down, she has accepted him into the house but won't tolerate him when he tries to play, she usually is a playful dog too, what can I do?
Asked Nov 02, 2015
Edited Nov 02, 2015
Thats normal alot of older dogs do not wanna play with puppys my mom had a older dog and when when we had puppys he did not wanna play with them cuz the puppys are hyper and playful but has the puppys got older he learned to play with them and now that the puppys are older to they do not want to play with puppys they act like there a scared of the puppys and wanna hide from them anyway its normal soon ur dog will be ok and play with the puppy dont worry about it
Answered Nov 03, 2015

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