Do people feel more comfortable with friends of the same financial status?

In a broad context, I have 2 groups of close friends. The first group comes from a middle to upper income family (which I also consider myself to be in), while the second comes from a lower to middle income family.

To start with, I love all of my friends equally and I'm grateful to have them by my side. However I this very tiny feeling at the back of my head that it's more comfortable hanging out with friends who come from the same financial background as me. Whenever I'm out having a good time with my 2nd group friends (lower to middle), I'm conscious not to talk or do anything that has anything to do with financial status, which is the correct thing to do since money is always a sensitive matter, and that it's not someone's choice to be rich or poor. However when I'm with my 1st group of friends (middle to upper), I'd still avoid talking about financial matters but I dont feel as restrictive in my actions that would suggest my financial background.

I'll give my most recent experience as an example. I went on a road trip with the 1st group. We went online (Airbnb) to search for a cheap accommodation. We narrowed our options, and quickly settled for the best one cos we didn't want to dwell on it.
Few months later, I did a road trip with the 2nd group. Again we went onto Airbrb to pick a cheap accommodation. Someone did the research and listed as many options as possible. After a while I got a little tired of choosing and said "Let's settle for this, it's cheap and good value for money. Let's get it over and done with, save some precious time and not count till the last dollar". The researcher responded by saying "Haha sorry but I have a budget and we have to settle for the the cheapest one", and continued listing more options.

I felt a little upset (for a lack of a better word). I feel like I get judged for being "rich' when I do or say something related to money when I'm with the 2nd group, whereas the 1st group would tend to be more understanding because they have the same thought process. Personally I just dont like to be over-calculative because you'll be happier if you dont overthink. So my question is do you guys feel the same way I do?
Asked Nov 01, 2015
Edited Nov 01, 2015

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