Am I wrong to think my parents should have helped me pay for college?

My parents never helped me pay for college because they could not afford to and that is ok but they did recieve a $6000 tax refund every year and $4000 of it was just because I was in college but they never gave me any of that money. Am I being an ungrateful child to think I deserved that money or is it reasonable that that money should have been given to me for my tuition payments?
Asked Oct 22, 2015
If $4000 was because you were in school, then yes, unless they were living in extreme poverty they should have helped you pay for school. At the least they should have given you half of that. If you think that they are keeping the money because you were costly growing up or something, remind them that they never paid their parents the thousands they must have spent on them.
Answered Jan 11, 2016
I'm afraid it's their choice whether or not they help you pay for your college education. Their current financial state may have something to do with it as well. Just remember that if they help you pay for college, they have some say in the matter of where you attend, what classes you take, etc. As long as your finances allow it and you're careful of what you're spending your money on, if your parents don't assist you in your payments at all you have free reign on your education. Good luck!
Answered Mar 31, 2016

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