I think i'm depressed but i'm only 12

Basically I always feel like shit and my grades are shit and school is too hard and I've been bullied for 6 years and I don't have any friends, my sister hates me and my parents are psychiatrists so they would only say I'm faking it and I'm too scared to tell them, half the time I overestimate and the other I eat way too little, I can't stand socialising with people and I only get 2-4 hours of sleep a day if I even get any, I have trouble studying an I've had anxiety disorder since I was around 8
Am I depressed?
If so, how do I tell my parents without them saying that I'm lying?
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Asked Oct 14, 2015
Yes it's possible to be depressed even though you're only 12. I suggest you tell your parents basically what you just said. Don't be afraid to tell them even if you don't think they'll believe you. Even if they don't believe you at first just try try again! Even after that if they still don't believe you talk to a teacher or a guidance counselor at your school. I hope this helped!
Answered Oct 14, 2015
Thank you :)
You can be depressed at any age. I was depressed from 6 - 13. It's not uncommon and can be caused by truama such as your bullying experience. Tell your parents about these thoughts and feelings you're having because your mental health does matter to them and I'm sure they will understand if they know about the past bullying. If they don't react, which seems unlikely, go to the school consueler to talk about your depression. Consuelers are there not only to help kids at school with school problems, but also they're there to help kids who can't get therapy feel better because it's a very important part of there jobs. Consuelers deal with all of the kids at school so they get all kinds of cases. Yours will be just as important as anyone else's and there priority will be to help you. I hope this helps and good luck. I hope you feel better because I understand childhood depression and it sucks because no one believes you because they think you're too young and innocent to experience deep sadness but chemical imbalances can happen at every age and truama can be experienced by everyone. It's kinda sad how the only people that understand childhood depression are the experts and the ones who dealt with it. It's a serious matter that should not be taken lightly because depression at such a young age can ruin your childhood and make it harder to function later in life.
Answered Apr 06, 2016
I'm depressed and nobody cares solo I have no answer I'm 13 I've tried it doesn't help me
Answered Apr 30, 2016

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