This cancer man is confusing me helpp

this guy is a cancer. I started a conversation with him about three weeks ago with a simple sentence and we ended up having a full blown conversation. he asked for my number. two days of straight talking he asked me out to dinner and a movie. we hit it off very well. held hands, kissed at the end, and cuddled at the movies. he even asked me to be his date for a big event of his... we had lunch at work for thirty minutes which wasnt too bad but very quick. he texts me every morning but the convo doesnt get too far... he told me he wants things slow because he wants tofigure things out with his life first because he contemplaits going back on active military duty by the next year but isnt sure what he actually really wants by text. we havent hung out in about two weeks but its because I would think he would ask me the way he did the first time. we work together and one day we left work at the same time and he was parked near me. we chatted very little but he hugged me and I ended up kissing him goodbye . it seemed different which is where the conversation started about him wanting to take things slow and his whole life situation. hes just confusing because although he texts me everydaya first thing in the morning.... our conversations some days are long and others very short and scattered throughout the day but ii havent personally been with him since that random time after work and after our conversation. he still wants me to go to this event of his with his military buddies but is that all he wants? wierd thing also is that I will try and open up spots so he can ask me to hang out but he never takes the opportunities.
Asked Oct 14, 2015

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