How should I feel about my girlfriend having lunch with her male friend?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for about 2 1/2 months now and have been spending quite some time together.I love her dearly and she feels the same to my understanding. Last night I let her know that k will have my son today and will not be able to spend time with her, so I asked what her plans were and she said she was taking a friend out to get sushi that happens to be a male. Now for the record I'm not a a controlling person nor do I want to be, I just fell extremely hard for this girl. I expressed to her that I felt uncomfortable about this lunch get together and she showed sensitivities toward the situation and asked would I feel better if I met him first or if she didn't go at all. I really do not want to put a strain on our relationship by telling her id rather her not.. But I'd feel very uncomfortable if she did. I know opinions will not change the course on how I feel inside , but it will make my decision on what I want to say alot easier. Thanks
Asked Oct 13, 2015
it's your girl friend so she will understand if you say not to go..just ask her nicely..:)
Answered Oct 13, 2015
Yes but I don't want to make her feel like she has to confirm to me, or give her the impression that I'm just like her ex boyfriends.
she won't think if you ask her..not tell her..there is a huge difference between asking and telling to do something..what really matters is the way you speaks with her about this in my opinion
la0105 Oct 13, 2015
I guess that makes sense. I guess its a good thing that she was sensitive about my feelings and the fact she didn't hide that it was a man that was going with her I guess right?
yes its a really good thing that she cares how you feel..And she didn't want to hide its not a big deal.. :) hope this helped you
la0105 Oct 13, 2015
I just don't know how to bring it up without coming off as a controlling boyfriend lol. Cause I'm really not..

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