I want to date a girl but I don't know where to start dating a girl for the first time can u help me

I like this girl but I want to date this girl at my school but I don't know where to start to dating a girl for the first time so can u help me to start dating a girl she go to my school and I really like I think she like me too I really don't know but can u help me how to ask her out or to start dating a girl for the first time.
Asked Oct 12, 2015
It really depends on how old you are. Judging by how the question was asked Im assuming you are on the younger side? If you are younger just talk to the girl and see what happens. You might be too young to start dating but that doesn't mean you can't get to know her for the future.
Answered Oct 14, 2015
I'm 14 and she is 14
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Answered Dec 09, 2015

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Answered Jan 02, 2018
If you have any doubt then you should talk to him. You can call him for a cool conversation at that time you just put your feelings towards him and also try to know his feelings. In recent days there are many online dating sites and apps are available also these have many advantages. Asprey Introductions is a UK online dating site really helpful to find a perfect match.
Answered Apr 18, 2019

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