How much will it cost me to pay for an extension after my 30-day duration Schengen visa?

I'm applying for a Schengen visa for 30 days as a student here in a Philippines since I am not employed and it's the only proof that could support my rootedness here after the visa expires. Although I currently am assisted by a travel agency I am still skeptical whether it'll give me no hassle if I'd extend for two months just to fully complete the 90-day privilege of the visa.
The reason why I will use the thirty-day for the application is to lessen the risk of being denied since I am worried they'd question why our school will let me have a 90-day vacation. Actually the school that I am currently enrolled with is a trade school for three semester and three courses. Which means I could appear there when I am not too busy or at least three times a week since before I enrolled I was still working but then I resigned. And explaining these reasons to the embassy would somehow smell fishy to them and my application might get denied.😩
So the travel agency said that it'll be best to just use 30 days as the duration of my vacation than 90 days. (Actually there's no problem with the school since I can resume it after my vacation and it's fully paid)
But I have read a website that states reasons for you to be able to extend.
And my case doesn't fit to any. So that worries me now about what to choose.

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Asked Sep 30, 2015
Edited Sep 30, 2015
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