What does my nice dream mean?

I had a dream last night that was the nicest dream I've had in a long time.
It started off I was on a bus or something and there was a cute guy there, I was being friendly when these two girls who were traveling to a modelling photoshoot- were being stuck up and quite rude. They said I wouldn't be able to get the guy which I replied I could but I wouldn't use someone as an object, as it turns out the guy was actually a huge git so I stood near the bus driver waiting to get off. One of the girls shouted to me that I would never make it as a model, not being pretty enough and such. I exited the bus trying my best to walk confidently in high heals to show the girls my worth but stumbled as it drove off. Continuing walking, I was near a fence that was really low to the ground and I fell over landing on my bottom when this man walking his pug helped me up and asked if I was alright. The air lifted my dress slightly and he saw my underwear, I was real embarrassed and he laughed and said not to be. The man was really really nice and I got to pet his dog for a while. I thanked him for helping me and he walked me home. I never asked his name at first in the dream but I gave him my email address. The next part of the dream is a bit blurry but I remember I met up with him again to go on a date, he was waiting patiently in my living room with my mum asking him questions and my dad asking what football team he supports and stuff- I was upstairs redoing my makeup for some reason. When I went downstairs everyone disappeared. I was disappointed at him leaving, but I thought knowing his nature he wouldn't have left without leaving a little note or something. The next again day I went looking for it and found it inside my mum's soap magazine. He apologised he left- something happened but I can't remember, and that he would make it up to me.
I turned the paper around to find another note but in different writing. It was a girl replying to a online news headline regarding a YouTube saying on his channel that he met a beautiful girl- which was me and he wanted me to be with him in all his videos, and sort of confessed he loved me. The girl replied something on the lines of "that is really cute! They make a great couple! People should leave them alone!" I was puzzled and searched YouTube until I found the man I was dating and found out his name was gerg- Greg backwards, I have no idea why, and I was looking at the comments- most of them saying aww and where did he find her, When I got a letter through the post from the girl who had said to leave us alone. She said I could just call her 'friend' and that she wanted to warn me- she warned me about the paparazzi and some haters of her- who were obsessed with the YouTube guy- and said they hacked into my computer and got some pictures of me and were spreading rumours about me. She told me there was a photo behind the letter but advised not to look at it. I looked and saw it was a a cutout of my head with the YouTube guy- that I was dating- behind me then was huge words like rape. I have never been raped thankfully so I can't understand this part, but anyway she gave it to me so I could press charges against the people doing it with help from her and the YouTube guy I was dating.
I thanked her for being so nice when a hater posted a picture of me laughing with the YouTube guy in my room with my best friend in real life at the computer. Her face wasn't shown but I was worried anyone would target her, but there was pictures of memories like primary school and pictures from memories that in reality haunt me. I was so upset when the guy I was dating promised he would protect me and my friend as he was famous he had his own security which would look out for us. Then he kissed me and that dream ended.

It was such a beautiful dream that he cared so much about me and the fact he thought my clumsiness was cute. What does my dream mean though? Will I meet someone who will protect me in a way? A new love? Thank you
Asked Sep 26, 2015

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