Why won't my horse move forward

I have a 15 year old Thourobred Arabian welsh Connemara pony with lots of energy but for the past 3 weeks he is refusing to go forward he just backs up. I only ride him in a indoor arena and have tried a crop.he is green and is very nervous I have been riding him for about 5 months now I worked him from the ground for 3 months.i used to have trouble getting him to stop but now he won't move only backs up
Asked Sep 26, 2015
Is this a virtual horse or a real horse your taking about?
IWriter Oct 03, 2015
Give him a gentle kick (like your supposed too) also rember to wear the right shoes. I reccomend boots. also if your country style and wear spurs on your boots take them off. If nothing works try taking your hands off the reins and speaking in a voice thats soothing he will move if not create a trust bond with him/her.
Answered Jul 27, 2017
Edited Dec 24, 2017
ignore what I said a green horse ok impossible get a real horse or dont waste my time by getting me worried about your "horse"

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