How fast I can get unsecure loan for my business?

According to a friend, it is better to apply for an unsecured credit card instead of an unsecured loan to fund business. The process was made easier since he applied through since he got approved in 2 days . should I really try follow this method or should I choose unsecured business loans instead. Please tell me the advantages and disadvantages of both.
Asked Sep 26, 2015
Unsecured business loans are easier to obtain as compared to secured business loans because your business doesn't require to supply collateral. I found useful of getting a business loan with bad credit. Should try on it.
Answered Feb 05, 2016
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Answered Feb 05, 2016
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Answered Nov 19, 2018
Loans that are sanctioned by keeping any valuable property as security is called as secured loans. This method of getting secured business loans was a method of the past. Today Non-Banking Financial Companies have become more popular than Banks and other old-school moneylenders because the former do not demand any property to be kept as security. Unsecured business loans are without any collateral or security. NBFC offers an unsecured business loan with less documentation process and loan disburses within few weeks. The process is simple by qualifying the criteria and filling up the required form & procedure is completed within weeks.

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Answered Jan 10, 2019

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