Is it ok for the police to strip search a woman?

Hi this is a really awkward one to even ask. I've tried other question sites but no one is helping. What it is I'm 21 years old and got arrested a few days ago. I had been drinking quite a lot and stormed out of my parents house after having an argument, I walked a few miles to the local train station hoping to see my dad as he'd been visiting relatives. I ended up getting into a row with three girls who then phoned an ambulance for me which I thought was really strange. The paramedics asked me was I ok so I replied yes. They then asked me to get into the ambulance where I ended up arguing with one of them. Then the police arrived I explained about the girls so they offered me a lift home. The lady officer was really obnoxious and rude so I called her a few names they then arrested me. As I got into the police station I was refusing to cooperate. Then all I remember is waking up stripped naked with some of their shorts and tshirt on the floor I asked them where was my clothes and they told me female officers had removed them because I wouldn't cooperate or incase I killed my self. Which the cell had cctv so the whole desk would of seen me. I felt humiliated then they asked me if I wanted a solicitor which I replyed I don't know. They just said sign there and if I carried on with my attitude I would have to stay longer. They where all so smarmy. I then asked to phone my dad which they said yes but do you want to get changed first as I came out the sargeant said to me you look better which I thought was pervy. He then asked me would you like to tell your dad or just lie and say you where at a friends. I then had to walk over 10 miles to get home without knowing where I was going. But to my amazement I realised why would I kill my self with my clothes but not my belly piercing I'm sure thats more of a dangerous object. I ended up with a 90 pound fine instead of a criminal record. But they didn't interview me, let me have a solicitor or even give me my socks back to walk round the station in. I ended up covered in bruises but I can not remember being stripped which is weird because I remember most of everything else. My dad is going mad as well. They didn't even breathelise m, he asked me what I drink not what I had been. wouldn't even know what's happed if anything such as assault, even in the morning I had to get changed in a room filled with cctv.. What should I do seek legal advice or is this normal procedure? Uk police.
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Asked Sep 23, 2015
Edited Sep 23, 2015

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