Relationship advise needed

I am in a relationship for now nearly 3 years with myboyfriend. We dont live together he stays 2 hour aways from me. My problem with him is that when ever I have issue with him I try to talk with him but he always stays silent and if I asks him question he still stays quiet and after few minute or an hour he says he's going to sleep without responding anything to me which makes me so angry and make me not let him go to sleep so I become dis angry furious person feel like saying anything to him just to make him talk to me or get some kind of respond but I end up saying talk to me say something and asalways he says im sleeping you should sleep too and then he sleeps taking the headphone out but he doesnt hang up on me so I just sit there crying and thinking does he even love me or care. So the next morning he doesnt contact me but everother day when we r not fighting he send me morning msgs and says I love u n stuff. So I wait for him to contact me but he acts mad when I should be the one to stay mad cuz of the say he treated me so I get really angry n confused n hurt. I dont know how to deal with this situation anymore. He broke up with me twice once at the begining of the relationship he went back with his ex coz she came back in his life and ahe wanted him back and 1 month later he came back to me and other time he broke up with me for his family his mom never liked me coz im a different cast so she never approved of me and the reason he broke up is that his mom was getting sick so he thought breaking up with me would make her at peace so he did it even though it is hard for him aswell he said and begged him not to do dis but he said dere is no future and few weeks later I saw dis one girl folowing him on instagram and him folowing her back who he said used to like, I got so angry that I contaced him and asked him why he is doing dis its only been few days since we broke up and already moving on when it feel like heel to me and dat time he says he was suffering too and he said sorry and he said he loves me and even since we are kinda back to normal except we are not friends on facebook and instagram I see him changing his pics on facebook in insta but he doesnt follow me or says anything. I am so confused I dont know what to do. Please help.
Asked Sep 15, 2015
Its very difficult to answer your question because healing from heart break is always the worst... my husband and I were in sort of the same situation at the beginning of our relationship until I got pregnant and he listened to his family who said I was cheating on him so he broke up with me at 5 month's pregnant and got another girl pregnant same time I was.... so after the baby got here we had DNA done and then he chose to come back in our lives and then after a year he started acting like your boyfriend not talking to me texting other girls and deleted me off Facebook... so I did the same to him... I sent him a message told him it was over, started thinking about me and my daughter, he never messaged back until 3 days later when he never heard from me, I did not read the messages he sent I just deleted them so I wouldn't be tempted to jump right back into a relationship with him without any trust... I continued to ignore him for 3 months he finally showed up at my job when I was getting off and he was crying looked like hell and apologized to me abd we talked for several weeks before we got back into a relationship and now we are married and have been for 8 years and have 4 babies... so my advice to u is to just ignore him for months and he will eventually realize he screwed up by listening to his family and being more concerned with other people. ... take the upper hand cause right now he think he has u anytime he wants because u r always there to answer the phone when he feels like talking but he don't when u want to talk.. good luck...
Answered Jan 02, 2017

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