I think my cousin likes me HELP!

OK so me and my cousin are both 12 but I'm still a couple of months older. ( I'm a girl) but anyway, yesterday I went to his uncles wedding and he was there. When I first saw him he came over and gave me a hug. Then a t the wedding reception, he kept trying to dance with me. I thought that he was just trying to act funny because he's a really funny person. But then when it was time to go he gave me two kisses. One was on the cheek and the other he tried to kiss me on the lips but I pulled myself away. I thought this was kind of weird because he has never gaven me a kiss before he always hugs me. Can anyone tell me what is is going on here? I'm super confused.😶
Asked Sep 13, 2015
He's horny
Answered Sep 14, 2015

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