Help me with my math homework?

I need help with my homework
Asked Sep 10, 2015
triangle ABC vertices A(1,2),B(3,1), and C(3,4) translated 2 units left and 1 unit up
sandy1 Jan 24, 2018
What do u need help with
Answered Sep 13, 2015
Mary is Making pillows for her Life Skills class. She bought 2 1/2 yards of fabric.Her total cost was $15. What was the cost per Yard?
Answered Sep 09, 2016
I need help with my math homework, I posted a question in this community but so far no one has responded. Can anybody help me?
Answered Feb 05, 2017
I need help with my homework
Answered Sep 25, 2017
Need help with homwork....

Christian is saving money to buy a bike that cost $189.he has saved $99 so far. He plans on saving $10 each week .in how many weeks will he have enough money to buy the bike?Use a bar diagram 10 solve arithmethically.then use an equation to solve
Answered Jan 29, 2018

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