I touched my cousins boobs?

I am 11 and my cousin is 15, I go to her house everyday. A few weeks ago we started having random conversations about our bodies, at one point the conversation led to her boobs. I told her how big they were, but she said they were small. She started touching her own boobs and started telling me they were small. after she was done, I reached in to hold them. She doesn't wear a bra, but she was wearing a shirt. I started holding them and telling her they were actually really big. Then she said "whatever I think they are small". After that, we just started watching videos on youtube for 2 hours. I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened. while we were watching videos, I kept reaching in and holding and squeezing them. She didn't even care! I touched them like 10-15 during that one and a half our period of time, then I felt that her nipples were as hard as a rock so I stopped. Next day, I was at her house. We were on youtube again. She told me how her back hurts, and she wants me to massage it. I started giving her a massage.I started to lift up the back of her shirt for the message. while I was massaging her, I purposely slipped my hands over her boobs and cupped them. She quickly said "stop and just massage my back". I apologized and kept massaging her. after 10 mins, idk why but I cupped her boobs again. My hands were on her boobs inside her shirt. She was wearing no bra. It felt amazing! Once I was holding her boobs, she just stared at me and said " you can take a break". I took a 10 min break. We were still on youtube. My hands were inside her shirt squeezing her boobs.I started tapping her nipple and feeling all around her giant boobs, squeezing, cupping, circling, massaging, rubbing, stretching, gently rubbing, tapping, pinching her nipple,massaging every part of her boobs, and just playing with them. Then I went back to massaging.the next day, I grabbed them again, because I thought she was ok with me doing it.But then she told me that I can't. then a few days after that day, we were watching TV.I just went and put my hands up her shirt a started squeezing her boobs. I did it out of nowhere. I was sitting behind her, feeling her up. She didn't care, she just sat there and started talking to me about school and movies and stuff, while I was cupping her boobs and playing with them! So I am confused! Does she want me to touch them? Is she okay with me touching them? Sometimes she tells me not to and others she lets me do whatever I want. My cousin is really attractive, I would say she is one of the hottest people I know. She has a tight and slim body, big round and soft boobs, a nice and soft big bum, and a beautiful smile. I really love touching her, but I don't know if she wants me to or not! Imagine how hard it is to stop doing stuff with a person as good looking as that! It is very confusing. Please don't be mean in the comments. Please help me.
Asked Sep 10, 2015
This post made me want to have explosive diarrhea and projectile vomit at the same time. Fucking horrendous.
dude you are so lucky if I were you I won't stop. I think she stopped you probably becoz someone was around or she may feel shame in the future still so lucky.
Dude, the next time you see her, kiss her, then slide your hand down her pants.
Answered Nov 23, 2016
isn't that a bit too much
Dude just ask her if she is OK with you doing that to her. Your fourteen now, do you still do this?
Answered Jan 08, 2018
Alabama Moment
Answered Jun 05, 2019
at the moment I wish I were u
Answered Jun 15, 2021
very true
She clearly wanted you to do it but also felt like it was wrong. That is why she kept running hot and cold. I would have stopped if I was you, and that is especially because you are close relatives. Take care.
Answered Oct 12, 2021
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