I had a Horrible Day at School, and I did something I think was wrong, should I have Done it?

Well, A Lot of Bad Things happened to me today at school, 1. I Got so angry When This Boy said that I was calling People the N word and I wanted to hit him so hard and do something to him, But I knew I would get in trouble so I just said "No, I'm not" and I walked away.Then 2. I got pushed In the Hall by this Big Boy and he was laughing and didn't even care that he did it and then I reported him to a Teacher, and now I'm scared that When He finds Out I reported him, He'll beat me up.And then 3. The Same Boy who was mean to me yesterday was Mean again to me today, and called me Dumb and stupid, and then When I was outside of School at the End of the Day with this Group I'm with, They started cussing and were saying it so loud that everyone was looking at them and then most of my Friends were looking at me Weird and probably wondering why I was hanging out with those Cussing Freaks, and then The Guys tried to start a Fight With This One Boy and then this Small Boy said "OH (the s word) and one of the Guys pushed me down against a Tree and shoved past me and didn't even care if I got hit or not, and then the other boy walked away and the Group started shouting Insults and saying horrible things about him as he walked away, and then I finally lost it and I walked over to a Nearby Teacher and said I wanted to report them, and then Tomorrow I'm Gonna have to Go in the Office and tell the Principal their names.I'm really scared that When They find Out I reported them, they'll be shocked at me doing that and then they'll beat me up.But I just couldn't take it anymore, Them Cussing Out loud in front of Everybody and embarrassing me and probably making me lose a couple of friends in the Process.And plus, they're is this one Kid who they constantly Bully and Torture and be mean to.I don't like any of them anymore, and I want to beat them and beat them until they stop saying those horrible things, and Bullying people, I finally saw who they really were today, and should I have reported them? Was it worth it? And plus I'm already having a Horrible Year, with no friends in my classes, and having to deal with this Horrible Mexican Bully in my homeroom.But should I have reported them?
Asked Sep 02, 2015

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