Crushing 😫❤️ HELP!

I used to go to school with this guy, when I started getting feelings for him, and vice versa. Except he didnt know I had a crush on him but I knew he had a crush on me. We were at that age when you first start having a crushes and it's kinda awkward to say anything or go on dates yet. Eventually the year ended, and we graduated from our school and went on to junior highschool. Except I went to an all girls private school and he, along with the majority of the kids from my school went to a different, normal, coed school. Even now, nearly 3 years later, I still have a crush on him, even though I haven't seen him since the last day at our old school (but we do I follow each other on Instagram, and somehow or another I have his phone #, but we've never really texted). I want to find a way to at least see him again, (I'd actually like to see a lot of the people from my old school again), but I don't know how. I feel weird asking him somewhere because I don't even know if he still likes me, or what he's like now. Please help I need advice desperately! This has been causing some internal conflict for quite some time now 😫
Asked Aug 23, 2015

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