(wtf is wrong with me read description)

okay for some reason I dont know but i'm always very skeptical with people and distrustful,yes there was bullying in the past and childhood abandonment from my mother but I really dont think those could be the cause of why I feel this way,i hate myself I just do I really dont think im all that great even after helping somebody out I still feel low...i'm distrustful and skeptical of people if someone complemets me I do say thank you but inside I dont think they ment it but I dont apporch that agressivly...i feel as if my family and friends complain about me and lie too me behind my back and make fun of me and talk bad about me I dont know why.hell I felt like changing everyhing about myself to make my best friend happy who got butthurt for me wearing black more often(i've always liked black anyone can wear black idk why she complains)i wear it cause I dont like too have alot of attention on me im shy and like too keep to myself..but even our common intests she gets butthurt about and I ask her why she gets so mad cause I liked thos thing befor she did and some she showed me and wanted me too like but now is saying(why cant I have anything too myself)god she makes me feel worthless I feel as if I fake it and dress like barbie and act out it will make her happy.i feel as if my parents talk about me behind my back yes I love them but I cant trust them SOMETHING DEEP INSIDE IS TELLING ME EVERYONE IS TALKING SHIT AND TELLING ME I'M WORTHLESS AND I SHOULD GIVE UP I DONT KNOW WHY..HELL I WILL GO FROM LOVING TO HATING SOME WITHIN AN HOUR THEN BACK TOO LOVING THEM AGAIN.ALL of this makes me feel like total shit idk what or why...this is happening ive never had this problem I used too be completly faithful in people
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Anonymous User
Asked Aug 21, 2015
You have a low self esteem, and are extremely self conscious about what people think of you, you should talk to someone about this.
Answered Jul 01, 2016

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