I'm Really Scared About 8th Grade?

Well I Went To The Open House Yesterday and I Wasn't as bad as I Thought, but I Found out that they put me in a Class with Some People I Know but I Also found out that There were going to be New Kids in there and that scares me.And Worst of all I Didn't see 30 Of My Friends who were there last year, And The Friends that I Do Have are all on the Last Team while I'm On The First Team, I'm Really Scared About My First Day, and I'm Also Kind Of Scared when I Found Out The Teacher I Was going To Have.And I'm Worried That If I Do Have A Horrible First Day, My Parents will just shrug it off and keep making me going.I Don't Know What To Do, I Think That If I Have A Horrible First Day, I Will Want To Get Switched to a Different Team.I'm just really scared and nervous about this whole mess, there was a Nice Teacher Man who I Wanted To Have but instead I Got put in a Class with some people I know but also there is going to be this Guy in there who I'm scared of,And A Guy who is really annoying,A Guy who has Anger Issues and who's brother scarred the school for life, and at least 3 People who I Don't know and are completely new to me.I Know They Probably Won't Let Me Switch Teams just because there are no people I know in my class, but I'm already very depressed about it and I'm too scared to tell my parents about it, because they'll probably just say "Oh, I'm Sure Once You Go There, You'll Get Used To It" and They don't understand I have no friends in my class.And Worst Of All, I Found Out That Keisler Is Still There! I Don't know what to do, What should I Do?
Asked Aug 21, 2015
LOOK!!! In life there will be a lot of this situations where you might be left alone on your own or be scared and nervous about stuff.... however all it matters is how you see and interpret the situation. I left my country when I was 12 years old and came to a country where I couldn't even speak their language... I was scared, nervous, hopeless, lonely, depressed the whole time and I am kind of a shy person too but I decided to take the opportunity to face all my weak points and fight with it......ofcrs there was a possibility for me to lose but I didn't.
So what I'm trying to say is that FACE IT. Try to understand your fears and face them, block them and fight them........
i just thought that I needed to tell you this because I have been in that situation my self.
hope you figure it out yourself and feel what I felt too.
Answered Aug 22, 2015
Edited Aug 22, 2015

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