How long should I wait to smoke weed after getting my wisdom teeth removed?

I got all four of them removed Tuesday afternoon at about 2:30 and it s now Friday morning. Me and some friends are headed up to a cabin this weekend for a last hoorah before we all head off to college. I know dry sockets aren t any fun but either is sitting around watching all your friends get lifted. The dentist said my procedure was fast and easy and I haven t even been needing to take my prescribed Vicodin since Wednesday. The only thing I ve been taking is ibeuprofin for some very minor swelling and soreness in the jaw. Should I be able to join the circle this weekend? And if not, how long should I wait until I can? Please don't say that I shouldn't do it because it is illegal, I don't care.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Aug 07, 2015
Edited Aug 07, 2015
why are you waiting at all?????? take a smoke see how you feel then when you understand that your not a little girl carry on like normal, you must be a yank, no offence
Answered Aug 07, 2015

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