How to reduce costs for data centers?

Anyone who has investigated or designed a plan to reduce the costs for a data center?
Asked Aug 03, 2015
The average costs for a data center can be reduced by investing in major areas of concern at time of set up. Few of the checks where costs can be controlled in data centers are:

1. Efficient cooling options.
2. Power Delivery.
3. Innovations in network connectivity.

Recently, the development by C7 Data Centers was in news. They successfully reduced the costs by data decoupling. They introduced new suite of cloud-based data management services which use Actifio’s new copy data virtualization techniques to make data cheaper and easier to handle.

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Answered Aug 03, 2015
I use the services of Skyspan wireless and I found that I get an appropriate data service with reasonable rates.
Answered Apr 14, 2016
Build or locate you data center in a low power cost area.

Build or locate your data center in an area that has a mild climate.

The hotter the climate, the more power is required to keep the data center cool. Many data centers, as a result of their proximity to customers, are placed in retrofitted buildings. These old buildings are typically built with poor insulation and can have lots of windows, both of which allow the heat to transfer into the data center at a higher rate than a purpose built facility.

Reduce costs through implementing air flow management technologies on the data center floor.

Being efficient with the cold air is another way to reduce power costs. Cold and Hot aisle air containment systems are gaining in popularity. To ensure the best savings gains these systems must be complete, involving not only air capture but air-flow and utilization technologies.

Be smart with the power you consume.

Automated systems can be installed to optimize lighting throughout the facility. Using energy efficient light bulbs in the office and data center floor, and setting your office computers and monitors on energy saving modes will further reduce power consumption.

Buy power from the least expensive provider.

Many data center providers do not consume sufficient power quantities to negotiate an industrial or direct power rate, however if your data center is located in a low power cost area then you can compete on power pricing with areas of higher demand.
Answered Oct 04, 2017

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