Does wedding photography include the rehearsal?

Asked Aug 01, 2015
No, it does not; at least that is what my personal experience is. I thought it covered, but then I was told it does not. Most wedding photographers demand extra for that. But, some people-friendly photographers do include it for a very small extra amount that really doesn’t matter. If you want to learn more, do visit an Ireland wedding photography firm.

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Answered Aug 01, 2015
Wedding photography is not just an option; it’s a must. In fact, many Korean wedding packages include both tradition Korea pre wedding photoshoot at one of the many –and increasing– Korean wedding photo studios.

Answered Aug 22, 2015
This is the personal choice, Dress rehearsal does not involve an audience, but has all the other elements of a performance (costumes, makeup, lighting, etc.), It explains how to face camera and give some good shots with your wedding photographer.

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Answered Sep 11, 2015
Yes it is totally based on the personal choice. A professional wedding photographer like Birta Photography – Wings Of Love can provide better quality of photographs without rehearsal. In my wedding time they gave me an awesome photography at a very suitable price.
Answered Nov 30, 2015
Yes, wedding photography include the rehearsal where necessary. About 60 to 70% of all weddings do not have a rehearsal. In some cases it has made with proper planning before the wedding in case of a "large Bridal Party". Because, that rehearsal prepared to show people where they fit in and what they do, so they will know their roles on the day of the ceremony. To know more information visit at-
Answered Dec 04, 2015
I don't think that wedding photo shoot really needs rehearsal but I really like the photographer who make my precious moment live through his photography skill.
Answered Feb 22, 2016
No, not at all. You will do your activity as usual and the photographer will take your photos in their way without disturbing you except some. After wedding and other activity, you may have to give some special pose for giving photos. Apart from that on my friends wedding, we have hired a photographer from "Jon-Mark Photography".

Answered Apr 11, 2016
The Nds24x7 is one of the best wedding photographers in chennai. But, no one can provide the rehearsal in wedding. But, I am happy from there srvice.

Answered Sep 18, 2017
It is based on the photographers. Some experienced photographers like who do candid photography in madurai do this to ensure couples look normal and in relaxed mood. You can check the album
Answered May 13, 2019
No wedding photography does not need a rehearsal. I suggest you hire Studio Pep photography. They have a professional photographer and also available at an affordable price. You can see their photographs on
Answered Aug 29, 2019
Nds offers the best wedding photographers in Salem for post and pre-wedding shoots.
Answered Nov 18, 2019

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