Losing and gaining weight is that normal or not?

I used to weigh 146.6 lbs on June 1 next my weight was 146.0lbs on June 4 and on 5 was 145.8lbs. Then my weight was 146.0lbs on June 10 .next my weight was 147.8 on June 15 and on June 22 was 142.2lbs. On July 13 my weight was 141.8lbs and on July 15 I weight 146.4lbs. I am 19 year old girl my high is 4"11 and I am lazy but I do executive exercises when I need to do it. My normal supposed to be 108 and I trying to lose 33.8 pounds but when weigh go up I feel like I should just give up and over weight. I want to keep the loading weight but it difficult when my weights increase and decrease. What can I do that will keep on the right track.. Please answer this questions as soon as possible.
Asked Jul 14, 2015
im guessing it has to do with your metabolism. maybe you should see a doctor
Answered Jul 28, 2015
Don't cut back on food. Just eat the right foods for weight loss. That means lean meat (fish, shellfish, turkey, chicken breast), tons of veggies, some fruit, some eggs. Try a hardboiled egg with fruit for breakfast. These foods will fill you up, satisfy your hunger, and turn off your harmful cravings. They'll also save you money. Have at least one huge green salad a day and load it with veggies, and put meat in it -- salmon, shrimp, tuna, and turkey are my favourites. I get those Jenny O turkey roasts, quarter them, and freeze three quarters for later use so it doesn't go bad before I get to it. I also found some information about losing weight from "Steviamystore"
Answered Feb 10, 2016

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