Symptoms are still present after taking antibiotics for 2 weeks, please help

I presume that I have chronic prostatitis. Several tests have been done to confirm there's no infection. Can I expect your pills working on this?
Asked Jul 14, 2015
Edited Jul 14, 2015
Stubborn prostatitis which cannot be cured by antibiotics can be cured by our herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. In the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine, prostatitis is a condition caused by heat and dampness gathering at lower abdomen, which brings symptoms like urinary discomfort, pain, and sexual problems. To treat this condition, we use Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can cure chronic prostaitits within three to four months. This herbal medicine can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, dissipating hard lumps, clear up pathogens like chlamydia or mycoplasma, promoting Qi and reduce pain, ptomote urination to help expel waste. By all these means prostatitis can be cured after three to four months pills and improvement can be seen after one months medicatin.

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Answered Jul 15, 2015
Edited Jul 15, 2015

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