How to convince my parents to let my buy an electric guitar?

A few of my friends and I are starting a rock band this fall, and I don't have and electric guitar! This is a major problem for us because we won't be able to practice like a normal band would. (Acoustic doesn't always cut it.)

I have two acoustic guitars - one of them is old and beat up (but I still like it) and the other one is about ten-year-old-kid sized. The one I like doesn't have a place to hook a strap up, so I can't stand up while I play it. The ten-year-old-kid one has a place for straps, but it's getting too small for me, seeing as I'm 5'4", not 4'5".

My parents are big nonbelievers in rock 'n' roll and don't really support us at this time. I am also the oldest child and often get ignored and shafted, while my brothers get everything. I have to clean up after them, and I get blamed for almost everything they do. If they ask if I can have it, I can usually get it. And unfortunately, they don't like the band, or me, for that I am far from a new guitar at this point.

I have tried voluntarily doing chores, being a kiss-up, and asking nicely if they could please consider letting me buy an electric guitar.

I may need help with finances, and they are not OK with that, even though we have plenty of money in our instrument budget and they know it.

So... How can I convince my parents to let me buy an electric guitar???
Asked Jul 13, 2015

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