How to stop my dog licking the other dog?

Okay! So lately my 5 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrior has been licking my other dog, he is 14 and a kelpie cross with something.

She would lick his face like crazy! Especially when we get mad at her because she is licking us. I know its a sign of submission but she gets all his fur stuck in her throat and vomits it up, making a huge mess for us to clean.

How can I stop it!? It's driving me nuutttsss
Asked Jul 13, 2015
dog training:
Answered Aug 01, 2015
Your dog need to be trained on basic discipline and not to lick on face like crazy. You can train him by yourself or can join a training school. To train by yourself you need to train him for stop command. Say stop and give him treats.
Your dog love to get treats for you and will obey your instructions. Go through the site to Know what is the best treat for your dog and is rawhide bad for dogs.
Answered Feb 04, 2016
There are many toys fro dogs Dod toys is a toy that is particularly for mutts to play with. Canine toys come in numerous assortments.May be using toys sort out your problem,Luxury Dog Store is the best place for dogs accessories.
Answered Jan 11, 2018
The best way to eliminate the licking, then, is to eliminate the attention you give your dog when he licks. If your dog licks briefly and the other dog is friendly and doesn't seem to mind, that's normal, social behavior.
Answered Mar 19, 2018

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