Why do people act like dogs when I try to be friendly?

I get stabbed in the back hated by the community my dad's group's allie group wants me dead and goes into my community and arranges people to work against me by taunting me. And neighbor wanted to poison me when I moved in he said he would if I didnt follow his rules and he would use emf to torture me and if I didnt pay some money I owed someone and if I don't pay money I owe someone 6 months before it is due they will harass me and dads groups allie (church allie group) wants to stalk me if I don't pay it the group is in another city 6 hours away and so is the church. People don't appreciate me when I help them cause I want to not cause they said I have to if I do it cause I want to they say I never do enough. They say get out I don't want you around here give me dirty looks. They try to crush my goals and tell me I'm useless they wont let me educate and tell me I'm useless they say I'm selfish if I want to educate. Parents want me dead. Everyone stabs me in back. People attack me by proxy with nasty words before knowing me. They don't want to see me at one shop more than one time and mocked me said I was a rich bitch. When I am broke and in debt. Dad loaned approx the same money I borrowed later and never payed it back and they said they hate me cause I'm detail oriented (piddly) and dad wants me masterbate and why don't you suicide. They said my goals weren't goals, I had to achieve them without transport and I wasn't allowed to contact people I knew and thy were blackmailed. Someone from allie group blackmailed me and I heard that I did a bad job at my church job and they wanted me excommunicated from the church (and someone said I did a lot of help all the same they wanted me excommunicated) I was useless annoyed and angry they said. While working there I was told I was great and what would they do without me! And how wonderful I was! When I talk to anyone connected with them Im told I'm stealing dads friends. I was told that I slandered dad cause I went to them for consilation cause I was abused. I had every object of pleasure removed and told I shouldn't care about my body so much and I wasn't allowed to leave home. I was staying at my home town and lots of people were mocking me and they knew things about me that were private and kept me up all night. After I left dads dad slandered me to neighbors, dad said go to mums and you can't go to mums I told her. Why don't you go to grandmas. Then he said no. He said it is shooting season. He said he never said it.

When I work to get things that make me feel good people think I am selfish. But they never want to be around me or only want me what they want when they want, etc. etc.

The group who knows the church keeps telling the church they think I am against them they told dad to tell me that they were making problems for someone bothering them then dad told me indirectly its about me that a guy I don't know organized them to do this cause he hated me.

The neighbors are harassing me using noise and I believe I may have been poisioned. People know things that I do in my home without me telling them and without seeing me in ages

They had a key and were going to go into my home I heard and it was part of the group they were going to put emf equipment to murder me in my home but if I didnt talk to them when they went in I wouldn't get a job.
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Asked Jul 12, 2015
Edited Jul 12, 2015

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