Is it okay to cross your legs while on your period for a long period of time, cutting off the flow?

When I (14 y/o) have my period it's long and it's heavy. (Don't tell me to use birth control to lighten it i'm already on it for acne and have been for about a year) When I go to sleep the only way I can make it through a whole night is by crossing my one leg over the other, which makes the flow stop for as long as they are crossed. Is it medically dangerous to do this?
Asked Jul 11, 2015
Tbh I don't know if it's dangerous bit I do it all of the time I think it makes your period longer cos all of the blood won't have exited you in 5 days if ur legs are crossed and not letting it flow, hope tho helped! X
Answered Aug 09, 2015

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