Am I An Alcoholic

I usually have about one and a half to two bottles of wine in a week. Generally I have one to two glasses in an evening. One while I'm cooking and one during dinner. I love having wine around and will only go an evening without having it. I don't need it, but I always want it. So the point is, there's always wine around.

Then there are nights when I drink the whole bottle. This happens about once every two weeks, and I generally go on a cleaning spree. In fact, my boyfriend can tell I've been drinking because I bounce around the house scrubbing bathrooms and dusting furniture until around 1AM while I drink the bottle of wine.

I generally don't get hangovers because I open the bottle around 7 and finish around 12 and drink plenty of water but I still do feel ashamed the next morning. I've found myself taking the bottle and filling it with some water so it looks like I didn't finish the thing. Then I realized that was silly and now I just throw them away and accept it. Either way, I don't think it's normal to drink a bottle of wine to oneself in an evening. It doesn't happen often but I still can't stop myself sometimes. I'd imagine myself if I had kids being so embarrassed to drink a whole bottle of wine in front of them. My mother rarely drank and my father would just have a couple beers, but he also worked very hard. I'm 26 and in the future I would like children, but I'd like to change these bad habits before then.

I exercise six nights a week so I don't have a drink until around 9 when I am in the shower. I eat mostly vegetarian meals and otherwise take excellent care of myself. How would you recommend I cut back, at least on my cleaning sprees with a bottle of wine?

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Asked Jul 08, 2015
hold on. u mentioned earlier that you open the bottle at 7 and finish at 12 and then your last line you said you start till after 9 after exercising... which is it? I think that you may have some problems there. regardless of your eating pattern ect you have to think of your health overall. consuming excess alcohol can lead to having a difficult getting pregnant and im sure you would like to have a baby sometime in the future. my advise is you just should not have wine at your disposal. when you dont see it you may not be interested in having it. you can have less per week or on occassion.
Answered Jul 08, 2015
Well, that was a particular incident. (Last night I opened it at 7 and was drinking it until around 12 or 1 while cleaning). Generally I am busy, work out and then pour a glass of wine around 9 and don't normally drink the whole bottle.

Regardless, I have a tendency to drink a bottle of wine probably once every two weeks. It seems concerning to me, however it doesn't interfere with my daily life so there's nothing nagging at me to stop. The problem with having wine at my disposal is that it's so easy to just pick up a bottle on the way home from work. In the event that I don't, I don't drink. But generally a day or two later, and I'll go grab a bottle.
Truffle Jul 08, 2015

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