Can someone help Im very sick and doctors unclear what is wrong.

Ok I have been very sick last few years I’m now very sick last 6 months and need help. I’m going to disclose everything. I’m human were all not perfect please don't judge me.

I’m a 29 year old male Nonsmoker never smoked never done any drugs and rarely dink (a beer maybe once a year) I’m not sexually active right now but have been in the past. I have had unprotected sex with females before. I have had one night stands. I have never had a relationships with males. I have had STD, HIV and Hep. Testing all clean. Now my health problems

I have very bad sleep ap. So bad they wanted to do a tracheostomy I was on a c-pap and bi-pap now I’m on a Trilogy machine. I have Narcolepsy so bad I constantly fall asleep all day long I fall asleep looking at you talking to you, standing up sitting down in a car damn near anything I fall asleep in the shower on the toilet. I been on meds for it and nothing helped so I was taken off (I have had 4 sleep studies last 5 months) my doctors will not allow me to work my job had put me on medical leave. In the last 3 years I went from 180 lbs. to almost 400 lbs. my breathing is very bad I can’t walk 10 feet without being winded, I had Pulse Ox test done on room air (24 hours and 1 week) I’m at 85-88% Walking I’m in the 70% and when I sleep I drop in the low 50's and 40's (yes I really do even have pictures) Now I did lose some weight I’m now at 300lbs I can’t lose any more as I can’t move around yet breath to run on a tread mill). My breathing hasn’t got any better I’m on 4 litters of oxygen 24/7 and on the Trilogy machine. Now I can barely get out of bed I sleep almost 18 hours a day every day. I’m in constant pain head always hurts, most days I’m dizzy and light headed, and I have to walk with a cane if I do get out of bed. In the last 3 months I have almost died 3 times. In April I was admitted at our local hospital for chest pains and an abnormal EKG. I also had blood gases done. By the 3rd day I was in a comma and life flight to a major university hospital were I spent 2 weeks. I had an ultra sound done on my heart and legs all clean I had an x ray on my lungs all clean. Repeated blood gas test and later released. May same thing. June same thing this time EKG was borderline had a stress test came back abnormal. Cat scan of chest and brain and yet another ultra sound of legs and heart. All clean. I’m dyeing and no one can figure out why, I have almost lost all the hair on my arms and legs as well my legs just below the knee to the ankle are very sore to the touch my feet are very swollen (I use to wear size 9 shoes and now in size 11 slippers and my socks and shoes don’t fit.

I have seen a Brain, lung, heart, eyes ears throat sleep specialist blood and cancer doctor, thyroid tested

Medical history
Factor V Linden 2 Copy
Sleep Ap.
Carbon dioxide retention
(Use to be diabetic and use to have high blood pressure now under control)
History of Gaul stones and kidney stones

Had a vasectomy and a testicle removed due to compilations


Other random symptoms
At times I get diarrhea so bad that it’s like a waterfall
Sometimes I get side cramps (right or left side rib cage or both) that knocks the wind out of me and last for several mins.
Diarrhea and vomit at the same time

it has been explained to me that we have no idea what the problem is one day I’m on my death bed and my test are abnormal then I pull threw and test are "normal" I have moved 3 times in the last 3 months first with friends and now with family who now help take care of me. I’m single no girlfriend or spouse. I still see all my doctors and specialist I have EKG x-ray stress test MRI nuclear image ultra sound. I been in ICU for a total of 16 weeks last 6 months.

Any help or ideas please let me know any questions please ask ill completely and honestly respond to any question you have
Asked Jul 04, 2015
Since, you did not tell about how you feel, I am not sure, but there is a possibility that you might be depressed. Because narcolepsy and sleep problems are common in depression. And because of depression, your other problem might be arising.

I know this because I have suffered from severe depression myself. I suffered from narcolepsy, sleep problems (sleeping way too much), stomach problems, not feeling hungry, pain in the body, back aches, chest pains, headaches etc.

Go to a therapist.
You could also go to
It is a useful website. If you are not sure about a therapist, try talking about how you feel on the website.

I hope you get well soon. Do not give up and keep your head high. All the best. :)
Answered Jul 06, 2015

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