Mitsubishi Lancer 4D68 engine 2.0 TD


I have lancer 4D68 engine ( INDIA ). But I'm planing to upgrade engine by fixing turbo.

My question :
In INDIA Only 2 types of lancer available
1: Lancer 1.5, 12V, Petrol &
2: Lancer 2.0, 8V, 4D68 ( with out turbo)
So I can't get turbo Of Mitsubishi in INDIA. But I have Nissan X-Trial turbo( with water supply coo-lent). Why because X-trial is also 2.0 L Diesel engine.
I'm not so sure some one had modified in INDIA.
& more over Only BMW / Audi have 2.0 L & above sedan diesel Cars in INDIA.
But in worldwide market ( other country ) the same engine with turbo ( 4D68 engine 2.0 TD) including USA.
I'm checking with many mackinac, know one is sure about it.
kindly guide me by fixing X-TRIAL is not a problem.
I need to fix Only Mitsubishi part Which is available in other country. ( I can get this 4D68TD turbo part from eBay /
I'm fixing this due to
1: pickup
2: performance
3: mileage also (currently in city 18 without AC).
4: smoke ( nature )
Why because I'm re-as-ambling the engine with new rings & over all parts in engine.
So if any body can Help me by replying. So that I can complete with turbo.
I wanted this car with me for many years in future.
I'll Be waiting for a positive feedback reply.

Lancer Naveen ( INDIA)
Asked Jul 02, 2015

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