Should I admit myself to a mental hospital even though i'm married with 3 kids?

i'm a mother of 3, and i'm also married, i've been suffering from ADD(attention deficit disorder), chronic depression and anxiety since the age 3 years of age. for 4 days i've been daydreaming of my children's lives and husbands lives being better off without me. I'm tired of feeling this way I never got the proper help I need for these mental disabilities as an adult becuase I found out recently like 3 weeks ago through a case worker who use to work with me that i'm ADD, DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY which explain why I am the way I am and why anti-depressants don't work I have been undiagnosed for years I need to be treated for ADD, depression and anxiety all at the same time. I told my husband last night that I want to admit myself into a mental hospital and he got mad at me the only thing that was important to him was "well who am I going to get to watch the kids during the day??"
i told him you don't even care what I just said and he said "no I don't, why should I" he knows what i'm going through and my history he knows i'm going through a midlife crisis and he doesn't care. I want to admit myself but i'm afraid my children will hate me for leaving them for a month or maybe longer what ever the hospital decides is best for me at the same time they might not hate me they always tell me "mommy we'll love you no matter what you do". and i'm afraid my husband will divorce me becauase of this at the same time I feel that if he does then maybe I deserve this maybe I don't need to be with him. i'm tired of all the daily struggle I go through with ADD, depression and anxiety I want to be a better person and be a great example to my kids but I can't do that staying here with my husband yelling at me all the time everytime he feels I did something wrong. I tried to help him understand what ADD is but he doesn't care he thinks i'm choosing to be this way and i'm not. he acts as if i'm the bad guy for wanting to admit myself i'm so tired of this I just want to get help so I can be a wonderful mother to my children, they need me but they need me better not crying everyday and witnessing their father yelling at me all the time. i'm trying so hard to be strong but I can't take this anymore I want to admit myself so that I can get help. so do you think I should admit myself to a mental hospital even though I have 3 kids and i'm married?
Asked Jul 02, 2015
Many, trust me, many people do not understand depression.
I am sorry to hear all of that. My parents don't understand too. So after a while, I just stopped expecting them to understand.

But that is not my point. My point is, you can go for therapy. You can go to a psychiatrist. This way you will get the help you need and you wont be away from your family, except a few hours a day, or maybe on some days. That is up to you.

And I appreciate how strong you have been. Admitting is the first step towards getting better. You have been strong for so long, just hold on for some more time. Dont ever give up. You will be alright, I promise.

If you are not sure about seeing a psychiatrist go to
It is useful website and this is me (just in case :) ) :
Answered Jul 06, 2015

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