Am pregnant again, and I already have a 7 month old and 7 year old

So here's a quick summery of me and my partner; met in high school me 15 & him 18, he was the first person I truely love and he was my first when I turn 16, after my 16th we broke up for 2 years got back together, then when I was 19 in March 2007 I found out me & him are gonna have our lovely daughter Emily, then in September 2007 he asked me to marry him I said yes, then in November 2007 just a few weeks after I turn 20 Emily was born, me and my partner set a date for a wedding, that wedding never happened because I left him at the alter but he still loved me but the next 2 years he did drugs and I stood by him when he was getting better, then in September 2011 he asked me to marry him again and I Was so looking forward to become his wife then life got in the way because I was at uni and he worked way a lot, then I finshed uni, then last year on 1st February we set a date for the wedding 18th September that year because that's the day we met in 2002, but at the end of March I found out we having are little man Theodore, then when I was 6 months pregnant he told me he cheated on me, so we broke up but he continued to leave with me until Theo was born then on 24 November nearly a month after I turn 27, our baby boy was born, then Marcus moved out but he kept asking to get back together, I said no, then this year in February I had some clips put on my tubes so I can't get pregnant then a month after that I started talking this man, then in April me and Marcus got back together but it didn't last long only 4 weeks he asked me to marry him for the 3rd time I said yes to be nice even tho I was in love with someone else then me and Marcus broke up and I went the hospital to check up and to hurry things a long me and this man broke up and me and Marcus got back together and yesterday we went to the hospital to get my results and what we found out was I have a cancer gene, my clips didn't work and am pregnant and am guessing it will be December time peanut will be born but my question is should I abort my baby so life easier because I can't have a 13 month old and new born and a 8 year old.

Btw me and Marcus are getting married and we have lost a baby before

Asked Jun 28, 2015
Edited Jun 29, 2015
Abortion is not an option. Think about how about how the Holy Bible condemns abortions. You got a lot going on. You have been with Marcus for a years. It seems like you really love Marcus but don't like the things he does. As fare as you saying you love another guy, please make sure you do. Love doesn't grow on trees. So you want to stay with the man who loves you. An abortion could draw a serious wedge between you and any man. They talk about it's OK but it not. At the end of the day you will have to pray for yourself and your family and you will have a guilty conscience before God, the father of the child, and yourself. Also your older children will adore and help out with the baby. Pray before making the decision.
Hi ! Do not abort , just keep your V away from all P's. and talk to Jesus , by
I, personally, wouldnt. In the end it's up to you. I couldn't do it but it's your choice. I would put it up for adoption if anything.
Answered May 20, 2016
If you didn't want a baby you shouldn't of got pregnant. If you did/do get an abortion, go ahead and kill yourself while you're at it.
Answered Jul 28, 2016
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