She says she likes me but is ignoring me

There's this girl that I kinda have a thing with for 2 weeks now. She doesn't really fit in, she's kind of a hipster and she's never had a relationship before and only has like 1 friend. Anyways I've known her since the beginning of the school year but I just recently started talking to her about 2 weeks ago. She said that she wanted to talk to me for a long time now but everytime she tried she got really nervous. So I ask her on a date and she says yes and the date doesn't go so well but it doesn't go horrible either. After the date I tell her that I like her and ask her if she likes me back or if she just wants to be friends and she said yeah I like you and I tell her but be honest because for some reason I felt like she was lying and she told me I'm being honest but I want to get to know you more before we can be in a relationship. So I text her that night and tell her I had a good time and she just reads it and doesn't respond. The next morning I see her in school and she's talking to her friend and doesn't even look at me as if she didn't want to talk to me. After school she randomly texted me hey so we start talking and I ask her on a date again and she said sure and then I told her where and she said okay so I asked her what day would be good for her and she said that she's never busy so it's up to me and then I told her what about Wednesday and she never responded after that she just left it on delivered she never even opened it. This was on Friday, the last day I saw her cuz there's no more school. I know she's okay cuz she still keeps tweeting but why do you think she didn't respond. I don't really wanna text her again cuz it'll seem kinda desperate but I'm not sure what to do.
Asked Jun 24, 2015
You shouldn't rely too much on text messaging. In my experience, all it brought was disaster xD
Girls tend to be nervous around people sometimes, even more if that's the person they like. You should have lively conversations in person instead :)
Answered Sep 23, 2015

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