How to stop getting caught up in other people's points of view?

I have lived my whole life acting like how people wanted me to act and how I was afraid because if dreams I had and wished upon myself cause people ignored me. I realized I am more than what I have been taught to be. I thought certain things. They were wrong. I keep being confused and I don't know who I am cause I have to obey what they are not who I am. How do I be myself and not be limited by someone else's view pointS!?!?! I was in a confusing situation and I got myself out of it to see the outside then I feel external restrictions put on me and I feel myself in someone else's point of view and craving someone else's attention (a particular person) how do I get out of this. Then I feel I am waiting for someone. Then waiting for someone to give me answer. Stuck as to what to do . Waiting for someone to tell me what I am supposed to. I thought I was upset but it was someone else who taught me how to be sorry for me? Why ?
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Asked Jun 18, 2015
Edited Jun 18, 2015

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