Does My Mom Want Me To Be Fat?

So.. everyone in my family (except me and one of my brothers) is overweight. My mom being the heaviest. She is one of the biggest women I've ever seen in my life. My brother, who is a freshman is college, is also overweight. He is about 50 pounds overweight. And my brother who is a freshman in high school is also overweight by about 20 pounds. My brother in high school (12th grade) is very skinny, and I am an average weight. My mom never makes my skinny brother eat, but whenever she gets an opportunity to shove some food down my throat, she'll take it. Today, she bought me a milkshake. And she also made deep fried potatoes (which are greasy and very unappealing in my eyes). She yelled and screamed and was on the verge of tears when I almost refused to eat them. She made a huge plate of these potatoes and insisted I take them all to my room to eat.. I just grabbed a bowl and filled it high enough to satisfy her. But she still looked disappointed and asked "is that all your gonna take?" THE BOWL WAS ALMOST FILLED TO THE BRIM! I just took them to my room and threw them away. I am not hungry and my mom has screamed and grounded me when I don't want to eat the fast food she buys. She never buys healthy foods, despite my many requests. I'd buy my own food, but I'm a middle schooler with no car or job, so my resources are limited. She also bought us all gym memberships, vowing for us to get in shape. But, every time I ask her if she can take me to the gym, she throws a fit! She always talked about how she wish she could be thin like me and how she wishes she didn't ruin her body. I feel bad for her, but also a little angry. Is she trying to fatten me up? Or is she just unaware of her actions? She does this to all my siblings except my skinny brother. But she seems keen to feed me and never lets me take walks or let me ride my bike around the neighborhood. Am I being paranoid?
Asked Jun 13, 2015

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