Boyfriend says he hates when I ask him what he's doing

My boyfriend lives 3 hours away and he goes out on weekends drinking and will stay out till the next morning sometimes and I don't hear anything from him, he gets mad when I ask what he is doing or ask questions about the night, he's says he doesn't care to know what I am doing so I shouldn't care. He said he doesn't like feeling like he has to "check in" but I don't ask this from him only what he is doing. Is it right for him to not care what I'm doing, he says he would care if I lived there but he just assumes I'm having fun. We have been dating for about a year and a half and after I graduate from college I am going to go live with him. Is it wrong for my to care what he is doing and don't I have a right to ask being his girlfriend? Should I be worried that he gets defensive about it? What else should I talk to him about? He gets super mad every time I try talking to him about why I ask because I care and worry. Help please
Asked Jun 11, 2015
Well maybe you should think if this a relationship with future if you can't talk to each other! Try to ask why he doesn't want to talk to you, or ask his friends or ask if he can take you out once..
Answered Jun 12, 2015

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