First time dog owning advice?

Hi, I am getting a blue merle rough collie in July so I want to get advice from dog owners. He is going to be 9 months old when we get him. My mum has had a dog but it was when she was a child so she doesn't really remember everything. I'd like advice on feeding, teeth brushing, good quality food, good bedding etc.

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Asked Jun 06, 2015
I've had my dog for over a year now& we give her dental sticks to chew on a night before she goes to bed which have kept her teeth really healthy. I think the best type of treats to get them is the chewy one because it keeps they're teeth healthy and strong. We usually feed her tinned food on an evening and give her biscuits through the day. I'm not sure where your from so I'm not sure what brand of food is around but try avoid the brand bakers, from where I am we usually buy the brand hero but you could look online about the best brand to feed them with. I'd say the best bedding to get is a basket and a cushion from the pet shop or simply just a duvet.
Answered Jun 07, 2015
I have three dogs and I've had two of them since they were puppies so I have a lot of advice. So first, you should feed your puppy twice a day. Get a type of dog food that is all natural and doesn't have any artificial stuff in it. It should say the portion size on it, but if it doesn't, then you should ask your vet. For teeth brushing, you should actually brush your puppy's teeth once a month, but like the other answer said, give him a good quality dental stick ever night. Try to make that a habit even when he grows older. For good bedding, I would get a small bed with a built in pillow. Also, you should exercise him lightly each day by letting him run around in the yard for a while. You should buy a few toys, soft ones for inside and toys that squeak that you can throw for outside. Also, make sure you puppy has all of his vaccines and ask make sure you take him in for a checkup as soon as possible after you get him. You should ask your vet if your dog needs to take certain pills. And you should teach your puppy how to swim when he is around one years old. Take him in to get groomed every couple of months, and get him shaved before summer so he doesn't get overheated. So yeah, hope I helped!:)
Answered Jun 07, 2015
First time dog owners need to select the right food for their new pet.Finding a diet as available at PetCareRx which suits your pup's demands is essential if you want to make sure he obtains the greatest ingredients to support his healthy romps in the park. High-quality food isn't inexpensive. While some foods may be intended for dogs of a certain size or activity level, others may induce systemic allergies and other health issues. Your veterinarian may have some useful advice depending on your dog's age, size, and lifestyle if you're unsure of what kind of dog food is best for him.
Answered May 25, 2023

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