Dads playing mind games with me?

He said a "friend" would come to my neighbors house will go up the drive and won't go to my house. Why would she do that?
I keep hearing people around my house who I thought was her and was insulting me. Now I have no idea who to trust and am careful about everybody I actually expect my mom is blackmailing me or has to others I don't know if she's the one who did it. When I was small my dad said (I asked him if someone was making him do it) participate against a harassment campaign against me and he said he was and he ignored me when I told him to stop participating in it. He said some people would send helicopters around my house to hurt me with EMF radiation and they were doing the same to him as well and he said they wanted to do things to me to make me suicide and make my life hard. Mom said when I was small that she had said bad things about me to others to get me to be close to her. Never have I been so hated by so many as in this town. Before I went here I heard that a guy that goes to the church but is not member is blackmailing me to others and I heard him say he would for being there
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Asked Jun 06, 2015
Edited Jun 06, 2015

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