How can I get my son to stop shutting down at school?

My 8yr old son is refusing to talk, move, or do his work while at school. It only happens when he gets reprimanded for misbehaving. He has no problems academically. He has good grades and otherwise performs above grade level. But, if he gets in trouble for things like talking in line, running in the halls etc. he will sit and refuse to move. It reaches its peak when it is time to serve his punishment. i.e. being benched etc. He doesn't do this when he has consequences at home that are similar, grounded from tv/video games, going outside etc. I feel like the only authority he respects are his parents'. I have supported the school 100%, even sitting in class with him, but as soon as I am gone his indignation returns. Any ideas?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jun 04, 2015

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