How to get control of my life?

I live a huge distance from anywhere. I have to walk at least 1/2 hour to get anywhere. I lived at home until I was 23 and I have to start looking for a full time job that pays fair within 3 months and I have no real desire to go back and stay with either.
If I don't I'll be back there. That may mean no electricity for me, it means I won't be allowed to talk to friends and my friends will be blackmailed to believe that I am a terrible person, that everyone I grew up with hates me etc. I get harassed everywhere.
I also look younger than I am.

My dad already started blackmailing me again and telling me nobody really cares about me that everyone I know hates me & that they think I'm nothing and that if I go back to his house I'll be stripped of everything that makes me feel happiness and stops me from going into psychosis from depression as a result of staying in a dark room, isolated, with no friends or I'll be working with them, and feel stress and strained happy but isolated and not allowed to make friends and any time I say I'm going to start looking for work in the area they start telling me No No No you can't do that. In other words, prison.

They said they'd blackmail me for moving out of home.

My mom's is also a prison I'm not allowed to leave without her permission and they also monitor my thoughts I'm not allowed to leave without her permission or if I did I would not be allowed to come back until they were home and every time I posted on the internet asking for help they would see it and delete it and everytime I committed a sin in the past it would be excreted from me no matter how I swore I would keep a promise it would never go anywhere and swore to myself it would never to anywhere they would traumatize me so much that I would tell them.

Every time I have an idea they try to use it to their advantage. They only want me to do the work that THEY do.

I can't love them they dont give a **** about me. They neglect me. They make me want to hurt myself so I will fail. They wouldn't let me take online classes at their house cause I was using their power and it wouldn't do to let that be an advantage that I do better than them. I couldn't buy my own food so I wasn't starving at lunch time because I would be "better off than them" and this would be unfair on them. I offered them my food and they turned it down and tried to brush me off from using my stuff.

My parents tell me nobody likes me, my ideas are useless and everyone I knew hates me.
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Asked Jun 02, 2015
Edited Jun 02, 2015

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