Me and my friend was caught vaping in school

Ok so me and my friend were vaping in the restroom I know it's very stupid, and a teacher caught us, he only saw alot of smoke but he didn't see us vaping or the vape, and we were taken to the office, me and my friend told a lie saying it wasn't us it was someone else but the principle looked at the camera footage and we were the only ones in there, so I was interrogated by the principle and the school policy and I know it's stupid but I admited and told them it was us, but I now change my mind and want to tell them that I said what I said because I was scared and that it wasn't us and that it wasn't my freinds vape, do you think that's going to work? Btw if you get caught with a vape at school you automatically go to alternate school and that can't happene because im a straight A student, they have no evidence what so ever it was us, but the confession that I told, if I tell them I lied and it want us, do you think that would change anything? Please help I am so stress I don't know what to do, my parents are african so when they hear about this I don't know what they are going to do, plus I don't want to disappoint them, does anybody know anything I can do????
Asked May 23, 2015

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