How can I get rid of a spirit?

That is borthering me asking me questions I cant help it anymore I am not so advanced that I can help the spirit. How can I help the spirit? They Are never satisfied and never take my answers saying that what I said isnt an answer when it is an answer! What can I do about this pesterous spirit it is trying to make me give information I am legally binded against exploiting but it is totally MANIPULATIVE!!!! I am not allowed to give it information about church but it is trying to get information I cant give or don't even have!! It says my answers aren't good enough, that I didn't give it the information it wanted. Its trying to get me to act in betrayal of my group and give in information I don't even know. I said to it f*ck you. At first I thought it wanted me to help it but now I know it just wants me to act as a spy and it wants to get info insider about a group and forces me to devulge information. I tell it my thoughts but it is not satisfied saying that it is not an information it wanted.
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Anonymous User
Asked May 08, 2015
Edited May 08, 2015

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