Show your appreciation.Please Read. :)

Hey guys,
I have been active on this site for quite some time and I will be in the future too, (of course) and I have seen so so many answers which are very good and helpful get no vote ups. Also, so many questions which have been explained in a clear way get nothing. Vote up is a simple way of showing one's appreciation and it only encourages the people to answer more and hence, spread good. Then why don't we vote up more? After all, who does not like a higher reputation score! :P

So, from now on whenever you see a question or an answer which you think is good/precise/helpful/explained in a clear way/etc. just click on the up arrow beside that question/answer.

Spread the happiness and love. :)

Asked Apr 26, 2015
Edited Jun 26, 2015
I think its a great idea.
Everyone must follow it... :)
And yeah,vote up for you ;)
Answered Apr 26, 2015
Thanks. :)
Jane16 Apr 27, 2015

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