Did I made a good decisions?

Well,I have a boyfriend for 4 monthson in long distance but I broke up with him time he asked me to give him a 5 chance I give it to him few weeks later he started to ignore me,he doesn't chat with me on Facebook anymore.we have months with chatting with others. How ever I got tired of texting him and he never respond back to me.today I look at he picture and it makes relize ,that I got sick of him.I was about to text him am breaking up with you again but then if I text ,he will ask.me for another chance because give more chance that they need to but unless of breaking up with him ,I just broke him from my Facebook friends list. I decided to move on .please answer this question as soon as possible. Hint, the only time he do play attention to me is when I tell him that our relationship will not work out but he tell me that it's will .all the time I feel like I'm the only one putting the effort on the relationship,while he is just pushing me away.
Asked Apr 22, 2015
If you don't think the relationship is working out for you, and you're sick of him, you should probably break up with him, even if he nags you for another chance. It's not worth wasting his or your time if you don't like him all that much anymore.
Answered Apr 22, 2015

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