Which moisturizer is best for dry skin?

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Asked Apr 10, 2015
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Answered Apr 10, 2015
Nivea is the best
Answered Apr 10, 2015
Mary Kay is expensive, but amazing!
Also, try coconut oil!
Answered Apr 10, 2015
Derma Spray is the most effective and natural solution for skin conditions such as itchiness, rashes, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea or any other related skin conditions
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Answered Apr 23, 2015
If the dryness happens to be on the penis (very common and painful.. believe me I know this from experience) then you need a penis health creme. These are way better than other lotions or ointments because they are made just for the penis skin. Just apply it once a day and your skin will remain moisturized and healthy. Hope this helps and good luck!
Answered Aug 15, 2016
It is not possible to say which moisturizer is best for skin because it depends a lot on your skin. My skin is also dry, and the tips I follow to keep it soft and smooth are to drink enough water and apply natural remedies. You can consult some of the home remedies below:
1. Olive Oil
Put some extra-virgin olive oil onto the skin before you use the regular moisturizer.
Prior to the shower for 30 minutes, put on some olive oil and lightly massage. Then shower as normal and finish with some moisturizer.
Put 2 tbsps of olive oil with 4 tbsps of brown sugar and a tbsp of honey together and mix. Then put the mixture onto the dry skin and rub with circular strokes for couples of minute. After that, shower and finish with some moisturizer.
2. Milk Cream
ut some drops of lemon juice with a tsp of milk and 2 tsps of milk cream together and mix. Put that mixture onto the face for some minutes before showering. Practice once every day.
Put some milk cream into 3 – 4 tbsps of gram flour to create a thick paste. Put the paste onto the face for about 15 minutes before washing off using warm water.
3. Milk
Put a cloth into cold milk and soak. Then put the soaked cloth onto the face for 5 – 7 minutes. After that, use another cloth to soak some warm water and cleanse off the milk. Practice daily.
Put some rose water into 4 tbsps of milk then put that solution onto the face for about 10 minutes before washing off using cold water. Practice twice every day.
To know more about ways to get rid of dry skin, I recommend this article:
Answered Sep 22, 2016
Moisturiser that contain a unique Hyaluronic Gel Matrix are best to use because it instantly lock in intense hydration.
Answered Sep 23, 2016
I had the same problem of getting skin dried up everyday I woke up .
So, my friend, who is a Skin specialist by profession suggested me to use the Body Scrub daily which I followed and now I am already getting the results.
It heals very quickly and is very effective.
Answered Jan 01, 2018
For dry skin I would recommend Shea Body Butter Cream from Nyassa .
This is an organic cream 100% vegan and harmless to skin.
I most rely on Nyassa's skin care products and you can buy them at very reasonable price.
Answered Jan 04, 2018
My skin was extremely dry and would get worse during winter .After having a study about this issue ,I arrived on a conclusion to go in natural and vegan way .So I went on with Nyassa's range of bath and body care products.I started using the Almond body butter and yes within few weeks the results were higher than expected.I would recommend you the same.
Answered Jan 04, 2018
Edited Jan 04, 2018
A very well and best suited moisturizer for dry skin in winter is Nyassa’s face moisturizer . I would recommend this moisturizer for dry skin because I have been using it .

This moisturizer is a blend of rich nutrient Avocado and wheat germ oil for aging , dry and damaged skin. It has an alluring mild fragrance of rose and lavender oils. And the best part is that it is harmless to skin as well as affordable!!
Answered Jan 05, 2018
I would use the best body moisturizer for dry skin product from Nyassa in order to get rid of my Dry skin, because one of my bestie was stucked up into a similar problem. Then he searched, "which product is the best body moisturizer for dry skin ?".......So, he get a very positive response for Nyassa's light body lotion. So, try it if you liked my answer or try something else.

Answered Jan 06, 2018
Hey! my sister uses face moisturizer from nyassa, it's really very nice and and she go very awesome results using this face moisturizer , after using this face moisturizer her face go soft and started to glow and it is a really nice experience, after using it she advises everyone to use the face moisturizer from nyassa, you can get the moisturizer at nyassabathandbody.com
Answered Jan 06, 2018
Nyassa's moisturizer is one of the best organic moisturizer available in the market
Answered Jan 08, 2018
You can try out these natural and effective moisturizers such as Buttermilk, Olive oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter etc. For makeup and beauty assistance you can go through the given link. http://makeuppro.co
Answered Jan 09, 2018
I would like to recommend you to use the "HydroHeal Intense Hydrating Moisturizing Goat’s Milk & Oats Dry Skin Cream" of Annimateo. It will helpful for your dry skin.
Answered Feb 02, 2018
In my opinion, you should use Kaiame Naturals Anti-aging Facial Moisturizer which is good for skin.
Answered Feb 22, 2018
Edited Mar 08, 2018
There are so many varieties of moisturizer in the market, But I suggest you visit the website https://www.skinboss.com/ Its an amazing place for finding the best variety of moisturizer or different-different types of face cream. Here you can find all types of skin products.
I hope you find useful.
Answered Sep 03, 2018

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