My Western Digital - My Passport 2TB Hard Drive shows on Devices and Printers but not on My Computer

Every time I plug it in the light just keeps blinking and doesn't stop. When it was working fine it would blink for a while until it stopped then the Scan or Do Not Scan prompt would come up then Autoplay would show up. I could never scan because because it took over 19 hours to do so the last time I tried.

I have tried this hard drive on other computers but with the same results; It would show on Devices and Printers but not My Computer or Disk Management and Autoplay would not even show up.

I've tried restarting, defragging, registry cleaning, chkdsk but the situation remains the same. The hard drive has lasted for almost a year now; I ordered it from in Nigeria so warranty is NEVER going to happen. If it is a hardware problem I want the worst case scenario to be that I would have to get another hard drive and find a way to get the contents of my faulty drive to another brand new one and discard the faulty drive(maybe an IT prfessional can help me out). I DO NOT WANT TO FORMAT. I need the contents of that drive.

If it is a software problem I hope I can find a solution that does not involve losing the contents of the hard drive. If there is any way you can help, I'd be grateful. Please be very detailed in your instructions please; I'm just a guy with a hard drive not some coding genius.
Asked Mar 28, 2015

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