Can I create a "Dance of the Earth"


I am starting a project to create a "Dance of the Earth". The basic idea is that I want to post a video of myself doing a super simple dance move(something like a the sprinkler that everyone can do) and have people from all over copy that dance move AND add a dance move of their own. I will have the song be something really simple that can be looped so the dance could be carried out for an eternity. The result will hopefully be a an internet dance chain with a bunch of different people. My hope is the last link in the chain will be a really complicated dance or a dance that took like an hour to record one take because the chain is so long from previous dance move submissions.

I am hoping to use a platform similar to Coggle which is a new brainstorming tool.

For responses:
1. Please let me know if this is feasible
2. Please let me know what the best platform could facilitate such a project
3. Please feel free to rip my idea up and tell me it is stupid BUT you must also say how you would improve it.

Thank you so much and lose yourself to dance
Asked Mar 25, 2015

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