Do you think that this latter will convince the school principal to bring out school spirit weeks?

Dear principal MS. Chislett,
I wish to inform you that our school does not have school spirit weeks. Most of the students are trying to bring school spirit weeks. It will not work if none of the teachers, principals and students does not get involve in. If almost all the school have school spirit weeks. Why our school cannot have school spirit weeks. You have improved our school by adding the club and the program after school plus adding the super Saturday programs. However there are some things that need be improve in our school and the students and teachers cannot do it with out your help because what are school spirit weeks if none of the school member are involve in. I am asking you to please make a school spirit weeks meeting with all the school member doing pause and have most of the students and teacher talk about school spirit weeks. Every one has school spirit but no one show it because no one encourages us to show it yet. Therefore, Ms.Chislett you are the key that will open the heart of school spirit in the school, students and teachers if only you agree that school spirit should be in our school. I wish to inform you that our school does not have music; holiday, talents and dance show either because none of the students or teacher has the courage to ask for one. What is a school with out having school show? Flags high school use to be fun before when they use to have shows and when there were teachers and principals that made encourage students to bring their school spirit out. Those teachers and students left the schools. Since those teachers and students left FLAGS High school, the school became boring and many students and teachers stop showing their school spirit and talents. Then the school principals had it retired. Then you came and made the school fun again by adding all the programs and clubs. However the only show we had was the Christmas show and after that one it has stop. There are student that have many talents and would like show it to school in show but they does not have the encourage to show it. Will you please open your heart and make the school show appear again? I know school is not meant to be fun but that does not mean that our school has to be boring. We can make Flags high school fun but only if we all join hand together and make and effort to do it. Therefore, I am reminding you that you are the first key to make this happen. Hint: I always wanted to tell you this in the parents and students meeting but I did not have the courage to do it. This is why I am writhing you this letter instead. You are allowed to read to the other teachers.
Sincerely, One of the students
Asked Mar 22, 2015

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